Let Your customers recommend Your products.Create a referral program in 6 minutes.

Let Your customers recommend Your products.Create a referral program in 6 minutes.

If You still do not know how Refericon works, look at the bottom left-hand corner of the page. Our widget allows Your customers to recommend a shop to their friends in a simple and quick way.


Are more likely to buy a product on friends’ or family’s recommendations.


Trust friends’ and family’s recommendations.


Are willing to recommend the products of the tried an tested companies the services of which they use.


Recommend the products they were content with.

Calculate, how many customers you lose not making of all of the recommendations!

The recomendation of tried products is the easiest way to meet the need for credit, which each and every one of us feels. Pleased consumers already recommend your products. But still, why the ammount of the recommendations is too small? There are too many steps from copying the link to sending it. Refericon automates the whole process allowing the number of effective recomendations to increase. Feel the advantage and accomplish the forthcoming commisions.
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£ 19
up to 100 referrals per month
£ 39
up to 300 referrals per month
£ 99
up to 1000 referrals per month
How to install Refericon?

The app can be installed on every e-commerce platform in just a few minutes. To do it, you first need to generate JavaScript in the panel of the application, and later copy and paste it into the website’s source code, using, e.g. Google Tag Manager. For the most popular software, such as PrestaShop, IAI-Shop, Shoper, Shoplo, we prepared a detailed instructions which make the integration even easier. Should you need some help, the Refericon team is here to provide assistance.

Our clients’ opinions

We are young and dynamically operating shop, which tries to transfer at least a little of a British fashion on the Polish market. We offer backpacks, bags, wallets and other accessories of this kind. We have set ourselves the goals of our products being available off the shelf and we also want the customer service to go smoothly. That is why, our team is always at our clients command. We expect the same from our business partners. Refericon meets the criteria for sure. We have been cooperating with them since August and we must admit that this cooperation is highly professional. At each stage of setting up the campaign, we could rely on them. Now, we use the gift icon introduced by Refericon and in our case it converts faultlessly. However, we have decided to change the bubble and customise it We changed the standard colour of the buttons to blue. We also came up with our own line which aims to encourage the potential clients to recommend us. Luckily, the introduction of such changes was easy and intuitive.


Clothing and accessories

Advertising agency Fast White Cat majors in creating online shops based on Magneto platform. We are not a typical software house, though. Besides designing and creating, we want our Partners’ shops to fulfill their function – make a profit. Which is why, we have decided to introduce Refericon app to our two Partners – bialcon.pl and viadellaspiga.pl. In our opinion, this is the tool that successfully supports sale, trading on reference marketing. Thanks to a tasteful icon, the clients willingly click on it and recommend the products to their friends. Additionally, for us, as an agency, the cooperation is very important and ours with Refericon is a pure pleasure. With the Refericon team, everything is arranged immediately and one does not have to wait for a response for weeks.


Advertising agency

We are a shop that offers toys, bricks, games and other play accessories for children. Our aim is to boost children’s creativity and make their parents proud. We have cooperated with Refericon since a short period of time and we think it is an interesting tool for e- stores. Thanks to this app, we can check whether our clients recommend our products. We installed the widget quickly and easily, which is crucial for us. Besides, Refericon allows for its clients’ individualism. We could choose the icon, adjust its placement and set the display time on our own. Other recommendation elements can be personalised as well. We recommend Refericon to each and every online shop owner, who values innovative solutions.



In Nutribullet we sell a high quality nutrient extractors, which, thanks to a modern technology, extract all of the essential nutrients from fruit and vegetables. We do it for our clients to introduce healthy eating habits into their diet quickly and easily. We have been cooperating with Refericon since the beginning of its existence. It may be said that we were among one of the first to test their app, which is to be used for reference marketing. What convinced us, above all, is the possibility to monitor how often our clients recommend our products. Also, a very important thing is that the team of Refericon want the app to be highly effective. We appreciate the fact that they pursue the search for new solutions so that the tool which they offer is best adjusted to our individual needs.


A small household products shop

Fryzomania.pl is a store with professional hair and beauty products. We offer a wide range of professional hairdressing and cosmetics equipment designed for professional work in salons, but also for home use. We have been using Refericon since May and we must admit that at the beginning, we waited for the initial results with disbelief. The tool is mainly for the retail shops and we usually work in B2B system – offering the equipment for hair salons and beauty parlors. It turned out that in this industry, our professional colleagues willingly recommend it and we also can gain from it by, i.a., enlarging our newsletter base. Currently, we use the medium package, which we purchased for 6 months. We like the simplicity of the app. We could adjust it fully to our needs by selecting an icon or changing the line for the people who recommend our services, but primarily we like it because the process of installing the widget takes literally a few minutes and it does not require programming skills. Fryzomania.pl

Hair cosmetics

Vissavi.pl developed out of love for beauty. We create extraordinary collections for young and dynamic women, who value professionalism and their own, original style. We want every woman to feel unique. We believe that a satisfied client will come back and tell their friends about us. Thanks to Refericon we have no doubts about it. This app made recommending of our dresses very easy. Not only do the clients recommend our products, but they also receive a gift – a discount. Thanks to full access to the data, we can see the effects of the recommendations and, if need be, optimise our campaign.



Refericon is:


The app is compatible with every shop software. You can use the designed plug-ins on Woocommerce and PrestaShop or install the app with our help on Shoplo, Shoper or IAI Shop.


We know that working on the basis of the results and introducing changes quickly is crucial in e- commerce. Thanks to the access to the data you have a possibility to view the effects live and, as a result, make a right decision and be happy about its outcome.

Effortless installation

Operating an online shop few and far between requires programming skills. Our app does not demand it at all. The installation is carried out with the use of a mouse and the ‘copy- paste’ command. It couldn’t be simpler.


If you doubt whether you you can deal with the reference program’s settings, we’re here for you. We will also help you with the analysis of the effects and with the editing of the program so as to it was the most effective.

Make an appointment with our reference marketing specialist. They’ll show you how the app works and will help you install it on Your web page.

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